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Breathe With Me

Every session starts with time for you to share what’s present or alive for you, what you want to work on, or if there is any priority you’re feeling connected to. We may also have discussed an intention in advance of the session and we may revisit it at this time.


We'll go over what to expect in your session — sensations, emotions, experiences — and make sure you're comfortable. I'll then offer you the breath patterns and show you how to use them throughout your journey.

Connection & Expectations

Grab a blanket, eye mask, essential oils, light some candles, sage, or palo santo; bring whatever supportive materials you'd like. It's time to get comfy ensuring your camera is set up so I can see from the tip of your head to your pelvis at a minimum. Silence your smart watch, put your phone on DND, and pop in some headphones.


Depending on your session length, you may be sitting up with your back supported or lying down. Many clients enjoy laying in bed, on a yoga mat, or even their couch and setting up their space to feel safe and comfortable. 

Settle Into Safety

It's time to land and drop in! We will find our body connection and begin the breathwork practice together. I will be holding this sacred space with the energy of the highest good, connecting to God (source, creator universe) and channeling for your intention as I cue you through this transformative experience.


As we journey into altered states we can access your body-mind’s map and its medicine. Sessions can be energizing and vibrant or deeply relaxing and nourishing.  This time gets to be all about what you need and all of you is welcome here. 

The Somatic Breath Journey

As our time comes to an end we'll release the breath, settle back into your body, gently awakening and coming back to your space to reflect, share, and discuss post-care instructions, as well as next steps for additional sessions if desired.


Breathers often say they feel “so much lighter” after a session, and “unexplainably peaceful". Some clients experience a heightened sense of awareness, pain relief, spiritual visions, insights, and even feel their power coming back into their body. 

Reflection & Integration

Experience transformative breathwork sessions that guide you on a soulful exploration of your inner landscape. While my focus is on using the breath as the primary tool, sessions may also include coaching, somatic techniques, and more. Together, we'll delve into various aspects of nervous system healing, including topics like stress regulation, emotional awareness, trauma release, and inner child work. Every session is tailored to your unique needs.

Your session preparation begins long before our appointment time. Drawing on the information you provide and any intentions you've shared, I craft a personalized breathwork experience just for you. From curated playlists to specific breath patterns, mantras to exercises, and special requests...every detail is thoughtfully designed to support your unique journey. Prior to our session I also review your medical information and perform my own energy clearing and centering routine to ensure your space is held safely, beautifully, and wholeheartedly.

What Are Sessions Like?

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